When I saw them I thought these two panels looked alike and represented well how Gil changed after he lost his arm. On the first picture you cannot see his eyes, he seems very disturbed and he’s protecting Oz with his right arm and holding his gun with his left arm. He’s also standing on the left side of Oz. On the Second picture he’s looking straight ahead, facing the enemy and his problems at the same time, he’s determined and is not hesitating at all. His sleeve is fleeting behind him and this time he’s on the right side of Oz. It seems like on the first picture his left arm is in front of him as if it were governing him and his actions and on the second picture it’s behind him, it’s not a burden to him anymore. What used to be armful is now protecting Oz. By getting rid of his left arm he also got rid of everything that stopped him from truly being there for Oz and from protecting him as well.

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